How do I apply for a quotation?

If you are dealing with an matter that falls outside of the self-issue criteria, or simply prefer a tailored service, then call us and we will be pleased to discuss the issue with you, whether it be relatively straightforward or highly complex and challenging. We are expert in providing bespoke solutions.

We require a letter, fax or email setting out in detail the risk for which insurance cover is required. If the initial enquiry provides sufficient detail and information, we will provide you with a quotation and draft policy. If further information is required, we will try to give you an indication of the likely terms, together with details of the additional information that we require.

Under the Products section you will find more detailed information for a number of the more involved risks.

It assists the process greatly if we are approached as soon as the problem or risk is identified. We can then advise on the steps that can be taken (together with some that should not) to resolve the matter in the most efficient manner.

An early approach will enable us to advise on the implications of undertaking certain enquiries or other actions. For example, if enquiries are made of someone who may be able to enforce a right or prevent a use, insurance cover is then unlikely to be available, or if available at a considerably higher premium.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss individual cases, either by telephone or face to face. This can ensure the prompt provision of the majority of the necessary information and save considerable time, as well as providing early insight into the issues involved.

Please contact our underwriters on 020 7397 4343.