What kind of information is required to obtain a quotation?

Please provide us with the information that identifies the risk for which cover is required.

It is important that all information, incident or circumstance that has a bearing on the risk or the assessment of the risk is disclosed. The following are examples of information that is considered material:

We do not generally ask for proposal forms to be completed. A summary of the identified issues including any information or documents that assist in identifying a defect in title, the associated risk and any defence or mitigation of the risk, is more likely to result in proper and full disclosure of material information.

Under the Products section you will find more detailed information for a number of the more involved risks.

However, we do appreciate that some clients like to have an indication regarding the sort of information that we may require as a starting point and where appropriate we have developed a number of checklists setting out the standard information that we require on a risk by risk basis.