Insurance Brokers

Together we ensure that clients' needs and requirements are met to the fullest extent possible.

We work closely with insurance brokers, helping them and their clients to manage risk effectively. We make sure that a full risk assessment is undertaken and our input enables the right questions to be asked, resulting in full disclosure.

In doing so we help reduce the risk of material non-disclosure that may expose the broker to PI claims.

Drawing on our professional knowledge, we advise brokers and provide them with sufficient understanding of the risks involved in a particular insurance matter, including the potential exposure that they may have to their client.

The broker's dialogue with their client is therefore informed by expert opinion. This means that the right questions are asked at an early stage in order to obtain relevant, required information which is essential to ascertain the terms on which insurance is available. Our input enables quotations to be obtained that provide suitable cover at reasonable premiums from acceptable security.