Legal Professionals

Direct access to our underwriting team.

Through interacting directly with our underwriting team, legal professionals have access to the highest level of professional insurance knowledge and advice in obtaining competitively priced policies to meet client requirements.

Our long experience and track record mean that we are leading experts in this niche class of insurance.

In excess of twenty years, we have worked extensively with solicitors, conveyancers and other legal professionals. Their clients include: property owners; developers and investors; local authorities; large retailers; banks and building societies; industrial and commercial organisations or institutions.

We take on responsibility.

By taking on much of the responsibility for arranging insurance, our services free up legal professionals to focus on their core activities. We draft insurance contracts to meet the specific circumstances and requirements of the risk and also the demands and needs of the individual client.

Ensuring best practice risk management.

We provide assistance in understanding and assessing your clients' specific business needs. Through good communication with you and your client we are able to assist your client in establishing good operational risk management relating to:

  • Timescales
  • Costs
  • Limitation of exposure to loss