Local Authorities/Housing Associations

We have detailed knowledge and experience in dealing with local authority site disposals, portfolio restructuring schemes and developments.

As substantial landowners and land-holders, Local Authorities and Housing Associations have fiduciary duty to manage risk responsibly for the sake of their stakeholders. Inevitably part of this responsibility involves having to deal with issues of defective title.

We have detailed knowledge and experience in dealing with site disposals, portfolio restructuring schemes, acquisitions, refinancing and developments. This means that we are well placed to provide a specialist risk management service that meets the particular legal indemnity requirements of Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

For example, we have insured a swap-transfer of over 500 properties for two Housing Associations. This was an important part of their plan to make their respective portfolios easier to manage by reducing the geographical spread of properties within their portfolios. Rather than incurring the considerable costs of undertaking the usual searches in relation to the properties, we were able to provide block search insurance, including chancel repair liability cover and contaminated land (no environmental search) cover. This not only ensured financial protection, but also saved the client time and expense.

Our service covers both the conventional and more complex insurance issues. We have access to high levels of capacity and we are able to arrange competitive cover that reflects the circumstances and the clients' requirements.