Trust & Probate Products

A wide range of covers offering a fresh approach to trust and probate insurance.

  • Insurance solutions to fast-track the distribution of trusts and estates
  • Help unlock assets that cannot otherwise be accessed
  • Real changes to the administration of trusts and estates
  • Greater protection for trustees and personal representatives
  • Earlier access to funds for beneficiaries
  • Dedicated underwriters specially selected for their experience and expertise
  • Insurance policies of the highest quality providing comprehensive cover
  • Protection against claims due to delays in administering estates
  • Policies from only A-rated insurers
  • Insurance for the smallest estates to trusts worth millions of pounds

Trustee Insurance Products

  • Hold-Over Relief Liability Insurance
  • Issue Risk Insurance
  • Contingent Survivorship Insurance
  • Breach of Trust Insurance
  • Pension Fund Run-off Trustee Insurance

Probate Insurance Products

  • Early Distribution (Inheritance Act 1975) Insurance
  • No Section 27 Notice Insurance
  • Missing Beneficiary Insurance
  • Creditor Liability Contingency Insurance

Lost Share Certificates and Documents

  • Lost Share Certificates
  • Lost Life Policies
  • Lost Bonds and Loan Notes