We offer a wide range of policies to help unlock assets that cannot otherwise be accessed.

A thoroughly professional, reliable and prompt service

Mike Dubock of LAF Probate Consultants Ltd

New insurance solutions to fast-track the distribution of trusts and estates

For trustees and personal representatives, our specialist insurance service offers real changes to the administration of trusts and estates. We provide policies with important new solutions, giving greater protection for trustees and personal representatives, swifter distribution of estates and earlier access to funds for beneficiaries.

We offer policies for the smallest estates, to trusts worth millions of pounds.

Our resource is of the highest quality with a dedicated team of specialist underwriters, selected for their detailed knowledge and extensive experience.

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Trustee Insurance Products

  • Hold-Over Relief Liability Insurance
  • Issue Risk Insurance
  • Contingent Survivorship Insurance
  • Breach of Trust Insurance

Probate Insurance Products

  • Early Distribution (Inheritance Act 1975) Insurance
  • No Section 27 Notice Insurance
  • Missing Beneficiary Insurance
  • Creditor Liability Contingency Insurance

Lost Share Certificates and Documents

  • Lost Share Certificates
  • Lost Life Policies
  • Lost Bonds and Loan Notes