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Presentation of risk

Trust our Underwriters to provide the right terms for you and your clients.

From small to large, simple to complex, our Underwriters are here to help you. It all starts with your enquiry.

Whilst the information that we require to consider a risk will vary depending on the specific circumstances that apply, we will generally need:

  • The property address
  • A description of the transaction 
  • The name of the proposed insured
  • A description of the risk
  • Official copy entries of title for the property 
  • Details of any proposed development and change of use.
  • A limit of indemnity and what this represents
  • Where development or change of use cover is proposed, we will also need:
    • Details of the scheme
    • Copy of the planning permission (if this is available)
Presentation of risk 3

In order to be compliant with the terms of the Insurance Act 2015 you must provide a fair presentation of the risk which should:

  • Be in a manner that is clear and accessible,
  • Disclose all material circumstances which are known or ought to be known by conducting a reasonable search of information available,
  • Include sufficient information to put us on notice that we need to make further enquiries in order to reveal any material circumstances.  
In all cases you should take care to provide us with any information relating to any communications with third parties relating to the risk for which cover is requested and provide full disclosure of any disputes or notices relating to the property.

Obtaining a quotation

When obtaining a quotation, you and all parties in the transaction must take care to ensure that all information and representations that you make to us are correct and that you answer all questions fully and accurately and that you do not make any misrepresentations to us.

You should ensure that facts presented are substantially correct and made in good faith. If you are unsure whether a matter is material, it should be disclosed.